Steeling Our Resolve: Cranbrook Project Progress


Progress continues at a steady pace on our Cranbrook project, and it’s time for an update on the exciting developments taking place. The team’s hard work and dedication are evident as we move closer to achieving our project milestones. From the foundations and footings right through to steel erecting and block work in Kent we have been through every phase on this project.

External Steel Structure: A Solid Foundation

The installation of the external steel structure marks a significant milestone in our Cranbrook project. These steel frames are the backbone of the construction, providing the necessary support and strength for the upcoming phases. Every beam and column is meticulously positioned, ensuring the structure’s stability and durability. It’s a testament to our commitment to quality and precision.

Internal Strip Out: Clearing the Path

Our internal strip-out phase is nearing completion, paving the way for the next steps in this intricate project. Stripping out the interior is a meticulous process, requiring a keen eye for detail to ensure nothing is overlooked. From the removal of fixtures and fittings to the careful dismantling of non-structural elements, this phase is about preparing the canvas for what’s to come.

Preparing the Over Site: The Foundation Beneath

With the internal strip-out progressing well, our attention turns to preparing the over site. This critical step involves ensuring the ground is ready for the foundation work. The site is meticulously examined, and any necessary adjustments are made to achieve the correct levels and dimensions. It’s all part of our commitment to laying the groundwork for a successful project.

Block Work Up to DPC: A Step Closer to Completion

Block work is a crucial aspect of our Cranbrook project. The team is diligently working to reach the damp-proof course (DPC) level. This stage requires precision and expertise to ensure that the block work aligns perfectly with the project’s design and specifications. As we ascend block by block, we’re steadily building a structure that promises to be both functional and aesthetically appealing.

Griffin Groundworks: Your Trusted Partner

At Griffin Groundworks, we take pride in our ability to manage complex projects like Cranbrook. Our dedication to quality and our commitment to achieving milestones is what sets us apart. We are your trusted partner for groundworks projects in Kent and beyond, and our progress at Cranbrook reflects the excellence we bring to each endeavor.

As our work at Cranbrook advances, we look forward to the next stages of this project with great enthusiasm. Stay tuned for further updates on our journey to bring this vision to life. For quality groundworks services and block work in Kent, choose Griffin Groundworks. We’re here to build a better future, block by block.