Celebrating Success: Completion of Reinstatement at Little Heath School in Reading


At Griffin Groundworks, we take immense pride in our commitment to delivering high-quality school groundwork projects. It’s with great pleasure that we announce the successful completion of yet another project, this time at Little Heath School in Reading.

Final Stages of Reinstatement

As the project nears its conclusion, we are focusing on the critical final stages, ensuring that every detail is meticulously attended to. Our team is hard at work, getting the area ready for the official handover to our valued client. Become another client for school groundwork in Reading by contacting us today.

Jet Washing for Impeccable Finish

To achieve an impeccable finish, we’ve initiated a thorough jet washing process. This step not only enhances the visual appeal of the site but also ensures that it is clean and ready for use. Our commitment to excellence means that we leave no stone unturned when it comes to the quality of our work.

Efficient Site Clearance

Our dedicated cargo team is handling the site clearance with efficiency and precision. A tidy and well-organized site is not only aesthetically pleasing but also safer for everyone involved. We understand the importance of a clean and clear site, and our team is delivering on this front.

Client Walkthrough

One of the highlights of project completion is the client walkthrough. We are eager to showcase our work to our valued client at Little Heath School. This walkthrough provides an opportunity to ensure that all aspects of the project meet or exceed expectations. We are confident that the final result will reflect the high standards we consistently uphold.

A Team Effort

Completing a project successfully is always a team effort, and the Little Heath School project is no exception. We extend our heartfelt thanks to our dedicated team, who have worked tirelessly to bring this project to its successful conclusion. Their hard work, expertise, and commitment have been instrumental in achieving our project goals.

At Griffin Groundworks, Construction, and Plant Hire, we are proud to be part of projects that contribute positively to educational institutions like Little Heath School. Our commitment to excellence in school groundwork in Reading and beyond remains steadfast. We look forward to continued success and delivering top-tier services to our clients.