Commercial Construction – Case Study


Project: Full refurbishment of horse riding menage

Location: Kent

Griffin Groundworks were hired to fully manage and refurbish a poorly maintained horse ride menage in Kent, undertaking a commercial construction project that required precise planning and efficient execution. Our team took charge of every aspect of the project to ensure a seamless and successful transformation of the facility.

We began by carefully assessing the existing condition of the menage and devising a comprehensive plan to address its shortcomings. The first step involved the excavation and removal of the existing surface, which had become worn and uneven over time. Our skilled team utilised advanced excavation equipment to clear the area, preparing it for the subsequent construction phase.

To enhance the functionality and durability of the menage, we focused on improving the drainage system. Proper drainage is essential to prevent water accumulation and maintain a suitable riding surface. Our team constructed new and improved drainage infrastructure, incorporating effective drainage solutions that would efficiently channel water away from the menage, ensuring optimal riding conditions even after heavy rainfall.

The next crucial step in the commercial construction project was the installation of a new surface. We carefully selected a high-quality riding surface material that would provide excellent traction, cushioning, and longevity. Our experienced team laid the new surface, meticulously levelling and compacting it to create a smooth and consistent riding area.

In addition to the core construction elements, we recognised the importance of enhancing the menage’s overall safety and functionality. We conducted the upgrading of timber kicking boards, ensuring that they were sturdy, secure, and able to withstand the rigours of horse riding activities. Furthermore, we installed floodlighting to extend the usability of the menage, allowing riders to enjoy the facility even during the darker hours of the day.

Throughout the commercial construction project, we prioritised efficiency and timely completion to minimise any inconvenience to the paying livery customers. We understood the significance of ensuring that the menage was available for use within the shortest possible timeframe. With meticulous planning and effective project management, we successfully completed the project quickly and met the tight deadline, allowing the livery customers to continue enjoying the facility without extended periods of disruption.