Milestone Achieved: Concrete Over Site Completed in West Malling


Griffin Groundworks is thrilled to provide an update on our ongoing project in West Malling, where we have reached a significant milestone with the completion of the concrete over site. This essential phase of the project marks a crucial step forward in the construction process, bringing us closer to the realisation of our client’s vision.

The pouring of concrete in West Malling signifies a moment of achievement and progress for our team. With meticulous planning and expert execution, we ensured that the concrete over site met the highest standards of quality and durability, laying a solid foundation for the next stages of the project.

As we prepare to hand over to the oak frame company, our focus remains on seamless collaboration and coordination to facilitate a smooth transition. By working closely with our partners, we aim to maintain the momentum of the project and ensure timely progress towards completion.

Upon the oak frame company’s completion of their tasks, Griffin Groundworks will return to the site to carry out additional crucial steps, including the installation of Celotex insulation and screeding. These essential processes are integral to ensuring the structural integrity and energy efficiency of the building.

The completion of concrete works in West Malling reflects our commitment to delivering excellence in every aspect of our projects. From initial planning to final execution, we prioritise precision and attention to detail, ensuring that our clients receive the highest quality outcomes.

West Malling, with its rich history and vibrant community, provides an inspiring backdrop for our work. As we continue to make strides in the construction process, we remain grateful for the opportunity to contribute to the growth and development of this dynamic area.

In conclusion, the completion of concrete over site in West Malling signifies a significant achievement for Griffin Groundworks. With dedication, expertise, and a relentless pursuit of excellence, we are proud to play a role in bringing our client’s vision to life. We look forward to the next phases of the project and the opportunities that lie ahead.