Successfully Navigating Challenges: Griffin Groundworks Completes Project in Crawley for INCO Contracts


Griffin Groundworks is delighted to announce the timely and successful completion of our recent project in Crawley, undertaken on behalf of INCO Contracts. This achievement reflects our commitment to delivering exceptional groundworks solutions, showcasing our ability to adapt and excel even when faced with complex challenges.

The scope of the project included the installation of multiple EV charger points, a crucial step in promoting sustainable practices within the commercial space. Griffin Groundworks takes pride in contributing to the growing infrastructure for electric vehicles, supporting environmentally conscious initiatives in Crawley.

One of the highlights of the project was the meticulous lining of tarmac parking areas, unifying spaces from unit 16 to unit 11. This not only enhances the visual appeal of the premises but also ensures efficient and organised parking, optimising the functionality of the commercial units.

The addition of new tarmac pathways both to the rear and front of each unit speaks to Griffin Groundworks’ dedication to creating comprehensive solutions. These pathways not only provide ease of access but also contribute to the overall safety and aesthetics of the commercial space in Crawley.

A notable feature of the project was the installation of new heavy-duty drainage channels, strategically placed to address water management effectively. These drainage channels in Crawley were implemented with precision, ensuring that the commercial units are well-protected against potential water-related issues.

Yard cleaning and jet washing were integral aspects of our comprehensive approach, adding a finishing touch to the external presentation of the units. The internal strip-out and construction of a new WC block further demonstrate Griffin Groundworks’ versatility in handling both external and internal aspects of commercial projects.

This successful job for INCO Contracts not only showcases our ability to complete projects on time but also underscores our commitment to excellence. The installation of drainage channels in Crawley, strategically incorporated into the project, highlights our attention to detail and our dedication to providing robust and effective solutions. Griffin Groundworks is proud to contribute to the development and enhancement of commercial spaces in Crawley, further solidifying our reputation as a reliable and proficient partner in groundworks projects.