Enhancing Safety: Armco Crash Barriers and Remedial Works in Folkestone


At Griffin Groundworks, we’re always eager to take on new challenges that contribute to the safety and functionality of various spaces. We’re excited to share our latest project – an industrial estate in Folkestone that requires our expertise in remedial works and Armco crash barrier installation.

Ensuring Safety with Armco Crash Barriers

Safety is a paramount concern in industrial estates, where heavy machinery and vehicles are in constant operation. One of the key aspects of this project is the installation of Armco crash barriers. These robust and reliable barriers are designed to minimise damage in the event of collisions, protecting both property and, most importantly, individuals on-site.

Our team is well-versed in the meticulous process of Armco crash barrier installation. We understand that precision is crucial to their effectiveness. These barriers will be strategically placed, particularly along a ramp where accidents may have more severe consequences. Our aim is to create a secure environment where everyone can work and move about with confidence.

Addressing Structural Concerns with Remedial Works

In addition to the Armco crash barrier installation, our project includes essential remedial works on a brick wall within the industrial estate. Remedial works are a key part of our services, ensuring that structures are not only safe but also aesthetically pleasing.

Our experienced team will carefully assess the condition of the wall and execute the necessary repairs and enhancements. Whether it’s addressing structural integrity, improving appearance, or both, our remedial works in Folkestone will leave the brick wall in top-notch condition.

We understand the importance of maintaining the integrity of industrial estates while upholding safety standards. This project embodies our commitment to delivering comprehensive solutions that cater to the diverse needs of our clients.

As we embark on this project in Folkestone, we’re eager to make a positive impact by enhancing safety measures and addressing structural concerns. Stay tuned for updates on our progress as we work diligently to complete this exciting endeavour, ensuring a safer and more secure environment for all.