Griffin Groundworks and RecMat Ltd: Removing Building Waste in Kent with Efficiency


We’re excited to announce that we’re now officially underway on our latest project – a comprehensive internal strip-out of a small industrial unit in East Grinstead. As always, our team at Griffin Groundworks is dedicated to removing building waste in Kent and offering services that transform spaces, and this project is no exception.

One of the key elements that ensures the smooth progress of our projects is our partnership with RecMat Ltd. Today, we’d like to shine a light on how this collaboration is helping us efficiently remove building waste in Kent.

Efficiency in Action

When it comes to internal strip-outs, effective waste management is crucial. Demolition and deconstruction work inevitably produce a significant amount of waste material. Ensuring that this waste is removed swiftly and responsibly is part of our commitment to environmentally friendly practices.

RecMat Ltd is our trusted partner for waste management solutions, and they provide us with their invaluable “wait and load” service. This service allows us to efficiently clear waste from our job sites. The process is simple: our team loads the waste into designated containers, and RecMat Ltd promptly collects and disposes of it. This not only keeps our job sites safe and free of waste but also streamlines the waste removal process.

Sustainable Practices

Griffin Groundworks takes environmental responsibility seriously. We are committed to minimising the environmental impact of our projects wherever possible. By working with RecMat Ltd and utilising their “wait and load” service, we’re able to ensure that the waste we generate is managed responsibly. This often involves recycling materials when suitable and reducing the amount of waste sent to landfills.

Kent Communities Benefit

Our presence in the Kent region allows us to contribute to the betterment of local communities. By undertaking projects like the industrial unit strip-out in East Grinstead and collaborating with environmentally conscious partners like RecMat Ltd, we not only promote sustainable practices but also support local economies.

In conclusion, our partnership with RecMat Ltd plays a crucial role in our ability to efficiently remove building waste in Kent. By doing so, we ensure that our projects progress smoothly while maintaining our commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility. Stay tuned for more updates on our progress in East Grinstead and other exciting projects!