Enhancing Accessibility: Tarmac Paths at Little Heath School in Reading


In our commitment to fostering inclusive environments, Griffin Groundworks is proud to share the successful completion of a transformative project at Little Heath School in Reading. Collaborating seamlessly with Primech Building Services, we undertook the creation of essential tarmac paths, unlocking accessibility and ensuring that every individual can navigate the school grounds with ease.

The installation of tarmac paths at Little Heath School marks a significant step towards creating a more accessible and inclusive educational space. Accessibility is at the core of our ethos, and we understand the vital role that well-designed pathways play in facilitating the movement of students, staff, and visitors. These newly constructed tarmac paths in Reading not only enhance the school’s infrastructure but also contribute to a more welcoming and accommodating environment.

Working hand in hand with Primech Building Services, our collaborative effort aimed to go beyond the conventional standards. The meticulous planning and execution of the tarmac paths in Reading demonstrate our dedication to delivering projects that exceed expectations. We recognise the importance of investing in infrastructure that stands the test of time, providing lasting benefits for the school community.

The impact of these tarmac paths at Little Heath School extends far beyond the physical realm. By promoting accessibility, we empower students of all abilities to navigate the campus confidently, fostering a sense of independence and inclusivity. The newly created pathways seamlessly integrate into the school’s surroundings, offering a smooth and durable solution that enhances the overall aesthetic appeal.

At Griffin Groundworks, we believe in the transformative power of collaboration, and our partnership with Primech Building Services exemplifies this shared commitment to excellence. The success of the tarmac paths project in Reading serves as a testament to what can be achieved when like-minded professionals come together to create positive change.

In conclusion, the completion of tarmac paths at Little Heath School in Reading signifies a significant stride towards universal accessibility. Griffin Groundworks remains dedicated to championing projects that prioritise inclusivity and contribute to the betterment of educational spaces. As we celebrate the successful realisation of this project, we look forward to continuing our journey of creating accessible environments that leave a lasting impact on the communities we serve.