Unveiling Our Latest Venture: Industrial Unit Strip Out in Crawley


At Griffin Groundworks, we’re constantly on the move, taking on exciting projects that challenge our expertise and push our capabilities. It’s with great enthusiasm that we announce our newest venture, a commercial unit strip out in Crawley, where we’ll be working again for our valued partners at INCO Contracts.

We’ve been entrusted with a pivotal role in this project, encompassing both internal strip out and groundworks, all in the context of multiple industrial units. It’s a testament to our dedication and excellence in these areas, and we’re thrilled to dive into this endeavour headfirst.

The internal strip out component of the project is a crucial first step in the transformation process. It involves the systematic removal and disposal of existing interior structures, fixtures, and materials. This process paves the way for a fresh canvas upon which the future layout and design of these industrial units will be conceived. Our experienced team is well-prepared to execute this intricate task with precision, ensuring a clean and efficient strip out that aligns with industry standards.

Simultaneously, the groundworks package that we’re handling is equally significant. Solid groundworks lay the foundation for any successful construction or redevelopment project. Our expertise in groundworks spans a wide array of tasks, from excavation and site preparation to utilities installation and foundation creation. We’re committed to ensuring that the groundwork for these industrial units is impeccable, setting the stage for a solid and lasting structure.

The synergy between a seamless strip out and robust groundworks is undeniable. With these components working in harmony, the path is cleared for a new vision to emerge. Whether these industrial units are destined to be repurposed, renovated, or rebuilt, Griffin Groundworks is dedicated to making that transformation a reality.

As we embark on this journey in Crawley, our team is brimming with eagerness and dedication. We understand the importance of industrial unit strip out and groundworks, and we are ready to demonstrate our proficiency in these areas. This project promises not only to be a test of our capabilities but also a chance to create lasting improvements in the commercial landscape of Crawley.

Stay tuned for updates on this exciting venture as we tackle the unit strip out and groundworks with the dedication and expertise that defines Griffin Groundworks.